Chopard Classic Rally, Dubai

21st September 2017
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21st September 2017 Matt Croucher

Chopard Classic Rally, Dubai

10th November 2017 – 11th November 2017

We’re happy to announce we’re working with Chopard to deliver the inaugural Chopard Classic Rally, Dubai. The rally will take the form of a classic car competition – an invitation only event that seeks to celebrate historically significant automobiles.

Rising from sea level all the way up to the highest peak in the emirates, participants will experience everything from stunning ultra-modern architecture to the ancient, vast and empty deserts that fade into awe inspiring mountain ranges, bisecting the Arabian Peninsula. At the core of this experience, the Chopard Classic Rally, Dubai showcases carefully selected regional road-routes that stand as testament to the joys of classic motoring.

At the heart of this event though, will be Dubai, one of the most famous cities in the world. Whilst the driving will be challenging and exhilarating, intervals will be spent in absolute luxury. In addition, Chopard has organized an array of unique and compelling side events which all add up to one, money-can’t-buy experience.

A maximum of 30 cars will participate in two days of competitive regularity driving, where accuracy means everything. Chopard and classic motorsport have been inextricably linked for decades and this all-new event is set to become one of the most prestigious on the calendar.