What is it like to film a Hollywood music video?

27th March 2017
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In March 2017 PureDrive was approached at short notice by Hollywood Director Joseph Khan and his team, to assist in facilitating all aspects of the automotive scenes in a video for US band Imagine Dragon’s latest release, ‘Thunder’.

Initially referred to the production by senior members of the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, PureDrive had just 72 hours to source as many identical Ferraris as possible, organise a professional driver for each vehicle and coordinate several hours of driving scenes on day one of the shoot, followed by half a day of green screen studio work on day two.

Having first tried to source vehicles through Ferrari themselves, to no avail, the PureDrive team spent three sleepless nights sourcing a large number of identical red Ferrari 488 GTBs to add to the two examples kept in the company’s rental fleet. Relying on the company’s reputation and contact base, sufficiently trusting owners were found to meet the requisite number of vehicles – to whom we remain extremely grateful!

Filming began on Sheikh Zayed road, which had been closed down for the production, at 4am and continued until just before 9am. The same sections of road were run over and over again by the collection of red Ferraris which, driven in perfect unison by our team of drivers, looked absolutely fantastic. As such an event had never taken place before, the procession attracted a huge amount of attention from overlooking offices and passers-by, meaning pictures and videos of the production quickly started circulating on social media.

Coordinating so many expensive vehicles, all of which had to be driven in close quarters, in perfect harmony, again and again, before the clock ran out, was extremely intense. Thankfully the team’s military derived precision, risk management, driving and organisational skills once again paid dividends and nearly five hours of filming on day one was completed without a hitch.

Day two saw the team this time take just one Ferrari 488 GTB out of the rental fleet, which had been treated to a precision detailing, into a green screen studio at a secret location in Dubai where roughly 4 further hours of filming was undertaken with professional dancers who had themselves undergone several hours of detailing, Hollywood style, brandishing movie grade prosthetic make up, the incredible results of which can be seen in the final video.

Once all filming had finished, and after an exhausting 48 hours for all involved, the PureDrive team and the production team finally sat down together for a well-deserved dinner and took the opportunity to reflect on the outstanding success of a massive project, which just a few days previously, had seemed all but impossible.