What is it like to road trip in a $750k Ferrari Daytona?

22nd June 2017
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Working once again with Tomini Classics, Private Motor Club and Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, the PureDrive team undertook a project that was just as much about passion as it was business.

A trip was planned that would see PureDrive Director, Theo Measures and Tomini’s Head of Classics Division, Assyl Yacine – setting off at 3am from the company’s showroom on Umm Suqeim Road in Dubai in a beautiful 1973 Ferrari Daytona worth around $750,000. The next 110km were to make quite an impression on Theo, who realised quickly that this was fast becoming one of the most sensational motoring experiences of his life.

The pair would make a first stop at the Waldorf Astoria in RAK, in order to meet with PureDrive’s head of off-road experiences and expeditions, TJ Hamed (a Ras Al Khaimah resident and local expert), PureDrive Director Matt Croucher and Founder of Private Motor Club, Tim Hutton.

Bleary eyed and mildly enthusiastic, the crew left the hotel in a menagerie of two and four wheeled support vehicles, intent on making it to the top of the UAE’s highest peak before sunrise. A blast through RAK allowed us to cover the remaining 76km and reach Jebel Jais just as ‘the golden hour’ provided the perfect conditions to start filming and grab a few pictures.

Making sure we didn’t miss a single angle of the road or car, cameras were attached to every available surface on TJ’s BMW 1200GSA, our support vehicle, and the Daytona itself. Recording equipment was set up in the boot of the Daytona to capture the incredible wail of the Italian V12 – a sound not easily forgotten, particularly when paired with Assyl’s choice of music for the mountain ascent, the rather poignant ‘On days like these’ by Matt Munro.

After several hours of filming the crew headed to the Cove Rotana, Ras Al Khaimah, for a quick swim, followed by a beautifully prepared lunch before driving the car down onto the beach – now a PureDrive custom – to capture a sunset time lapse and final images.

Exiting the Cove through a crowd of gathering admirers, the convoy made its way back to the Waldorf Astoria for a well-earned dinner, shisha and bed. From start to finish the day had been a petrolhead’s dream and yet more fun was to be had the following morning on ‘the commute’ back to Dubai.