What is it like to Sponsor a race team?

10th February 2017
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10th February 2017 Matt Croucher

For the 2017 Dubai24h endurance race, PureDrive Automotive sponsored previous 24h Champion, Oliver Webb and his Lamborghini Huracán GT3 car, from Leipert Motorsport.

After achieving pole position during qualifying thanks to Oli, the team was blindsided with an off in a subsequent practice session by one of the amateur drivers which damaged the vehicle beyond repair. Remarkably a new Huracán was able to be sourced quickly and the Leipert team worked tirelessly through the night to get the car grid ready for race day, the following day.

Unfortunately due to the change in vehicle the team could no longer claim pole position and was dropped all the way to the back of a 100 car grid; a glimmer of podium hope remained throughout however as Oli had experienced an almost identical scenario the previous year after his Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 car had caught fire after achieving pole and was also placed at the back of the grid for race start – on that occasion Oli had almost single handedly fought his way back through the grid over the 24 hour period to claim 2nd overall.

Whilst for the 2017 race the team was unable to mirror Oli’s feat of the previous year, they did manage to fight back up through the and secure 2nd in class, an outstanding achievement given the circumstances. Whetting PureDrive’s appetite for motorsport even further, the team cannot wait to be back in the pits at the Dubai24h in 2018.